Company History

Company History

Since the beginning, Andover has strived to produce high quality products that fill a need for customers. Andover continues in that tradition today. From its roots as a manufacturer of tape for the Sports Medicine industry in 1976, to its focus today on break-through, innovative products that are filling a gap in the healthcare, animal health and sports medicine industries, Andover Healthcare has been there to produce high quality, made in the USA products that improve the lives of its customers.

Andover has many industry “firsts”, including:

  • Developing a latex-free bandage that performs better than latex
  • Designing a cohesive bandage/foam pad embedded with silver to help prevent and fight infections including MRSA
  • Going to market with an all-in-one cohesive bandage/absorbent dressing that is cost effective and saves time
  • Developing a cohesive bandage with easy hand tear for quick application and prevention of cross contamination from scissors
  • Offering cohesive bandages with controlled compression
  • Introducing cohesive bandages in colors and color packs
  • Manufacturing latex-free printed bandages

Here is a quick recap of Andover’s products and launch years. For more detailed information, please click on the product name:

Product Launch Year
CoFlex® 1989
PowerFlex® 1995
CoFlex® NL 1998
CoFlex® Med 2001
PetFlex® 2001
PowerTape 2005
CoFlex®LF2 2006
PowerFAST™ 2007
CoFlex®AFD 2007
PetFlex®AFD 2007
PowerFlex®AFD 2007
PetFlex® No Chew 2007
PowerFlex® No Chew 2007
PowerSpeed™ 2008
PetFlex®AFD Silver I 2008
PowerFlex®AFD Silver I 2008