Customized Presentations/Demonstrations

Andover Healthcare, Inc. is happy to announce our BOC approved CEU program. Creative Solutions in Taping Methods to Prevent Injury is presented by Ron O’Neil, ATC to athletic trainers interested in a demonstration. Each participant will be awarded CEUs as a result of his/her involvement.

This is a free program offered by Andover Healthcare, Inc. We strive to educate athletic trainers with innovative products and encourage “out of box” thinking. We do this by providing an atmosphere with products and creative thinking for all attendees in the session.

Ron O’Neil uses PowerFlex, PowerTape and other products to demonstrate the most beneficial and economical taping applications. Head trainers at universities can choose specific applications to be focused on.

Eligible groups are certified athletic trainers at Division IA, IAA universities as well as other groups approved by Andover (contact us for details). Head Athletic Trainers, assistants, staff, GA’s and students are all welcome to attend.

Please call our Sales Department at 800-432-6686 or email for more information or to set up a demonstration. 

Andover’s BOC approved provider number: P3395

The PowerFlex School Training Program

The PowerFlex School Training Program is our way of introducing students to the taping products of tomorrow. This program was designed by Andover for college students and professors to use in conjunction with their current athletic training curriculum.

Andover launched its patented PowerFlex products into the Sports Medicine market in 1996, and it is now a favorite among professional sports teams across the county. Now, through this FREE program offer, we are giving students the opportunity to learn about the advantages of using The PowerFlex Taping System. We feel that by building relationships with each student today, we will be building relationships with the athletic trainers of tomorrow.

What does each PowerFlex School Training Package contain?
10 – Cases of 2” PowerFlex bandages
1 - Case of 1.5" PowerTape
1 - Case of 2" PowerFast
1- Case of 2" PowerFlex AFD
1 - Case of 2" PowerSpeed
1 - Case of 1.5" VictoryTape
1 - Taping Methods DVD
30 – Informational Brochures
1 – Letter to Instructor

Who is eligible to participate in the PowerFlex School Training Program and how much does it cost? All colleges with accredited athletic training programs can receive the PowerFlex School Training Program FREE.

How do colleges enroll in the PowerFlex School Training Program?
Simply call Andover’s Marketing Department, toll free: 800.432.6686